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“The antenna conslsts of a pair of onewavelength peri meter rectangular half-turn helical loops oriented 90” to each other an the same axis and fed in phase quadrature.”

Building a 2M Quadrifilar

How To Build A QFH (Quadrifilar Helix Antenna) to Download Images From Weather Satellites Every few hours a NOAA weather satellite passes over your head, continuously transmitting pictures in visible light, infrared, and shortwave infrared. Meteorologists utilize this information to predict weather. The good news is, so can you. With something like the NooElec SDR dongle, a computer, and a QHF antenna you can predict your own weather, even if all other forms of communication are not functioning. The “bad news” is, you have to build an antenna to receive the data. It’s not really bad news, but you will have to make an investment of both time and a little bit of money to start downloading your own images.

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