Who we are

The Sandton Amateur Radio club services the greater northern suburbs of Johannesburg in furthering the interests of its members in all aspects of amateur radio and electronics as well ...

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What we do

We support members who want to get (back) into amateur radio as well as the member community with issues they may experience. Every Sunday morning at 8:45 SAST we run a ...

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About Amateur Radio

Amateur radio operation is fun. Amateur radio operators acquire good technical knowledge in executing their hobby and build new skills ranging from antenna building to building radios ...

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Santon Amateur Radio Club is offering a HAM radio licence course for a Class A amateur radio licence in collaboration with the Hammies club. The course will propate for the Radio Amateur Exam (RAE) in october 2017. 

The course will be running on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm with a start date of either the 24th of June or the 1st of July and run for approximately 12 weeks. The start date will be confirmed as soon as possible. 

To participate please e-mail Greg Maynard at greg-m@mweb.co.za



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