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UPDATED!!! - SARC AGM - Saturday 10th of September 2016

AGM 2016: Important DateThe Sandton Amateur Radio Club will hold an AGM on Saturday 10th of September 2016 at 9:30 AM.

Location is the Craighall Scout Hall: 20 Buckingham Ave, Randburg, 2196

Further details and documents will be posted for download or made available at the meeting. 

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IMPORTANT: 88,5Hz subaudible tone to be implemented on Sandton 2M repeater

Some of you will have noticed that the Sandton Amateur Radio Club 2 meter repeater, operating on 145,700 is giving static noise, especially in the winter in morning. Henry, ZS6MC together with ICASA investigated the RF interference on the 145.100 input frequency on the tower where our Antenna is located and did not find any immediate sources of interference. We suspect that interference is due to tropo-ducting from a distance source. 

To increase usability of the repeater we will implement a 88,5Hz subaudible tone on the input channel as of 10 September this year. If you are a frequent user of the Sandton repeater you should program this tone already into your radio now.


Cool Stuff from around the Web

Icom announces IC7610

Icom announced the IC-7610 during the HamFair 2016 in Tokyo. A new SDR HF+50 MHz transceivers. The IC-7610 will be the successor the IC-7600 and comes one year after the introduction of first ICOM SDR Transceiver, the IC-7300. SDR is the space to watch.

Go-box project by Thomas OE2ATN

Here is a great go-box project by Thomas OE2ATN based on an Elecraft KX2. Really nice handywork. Love the Pelican case solution. Probably Thomas chose the KX2 as it puts out only 10W so heat problems are not to severe in the pelican case.