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ZS6MSW to Activate Grid Square KG35xv

Hi fellow Hams, ZS6MSW Michael Spencer-Wilson will be camping in the Waterberg for the week 24/10/16 to 29/10/16. Do try Hunt me down in the Africa Bush. I will be on the MTN network too. I'll be mostly on the 40 metre band, from time to time swopping out to the ZS6BKW. For the Dstar fans, Ref 001C and Ref 030C will be monitored too.


73's Mike ZS6MSW (Vice-Chair for ZS6STN)

SARC Year End Function 2016

Good morning to one and all.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the Christmas year-end function of the SARC, which will be held on the 19th November, at "The View", at 18 Ridge Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg at12:00 for 12:30. 

"The View" was the home of Sir Thomas Cullinan", the finder of the Cullinan diamond, is a national monument and also a museum, and is the home to the Transvaal Scottish, a traditional Highlad infantry regiment if the SA Army. As such, it is not an army base, but is owned by Coca Cola South Africa, and manegd by the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association who open the venue to the public also. The View houses the museum of the regiment, which contains items from all the armed conflicts in which they fought since 1902 until the recent Angolan border war, and is worth visiting on its own..

88,5Hz subaudible tone implemented

On Sunday 16 October a 88,5Hz subaudible CTCSS tone was implemented on the 145.700 repeater

Some of you will have noticed that the Sandton Amateur Radio Club 2 meter repeater, operating on 145,700 is giving static noise, especially in the winter in morning. Henry, ZS6MC together with ICASA investigated the RF interference on the 145.100 input frequency on the tower where our Antenna is located and did not find any immediate sources of interference. Many theories have floated around on what caused it. We have decided to implement a 88,5Hz CTCSS tone on the repeater input in any case. 

In the mean time Rob ZS6PRO together with other members of the repeater working group are working on changing the antenna's and feedlines to improve the working of the repeater.



70cm Repeater down for maintenance and Dstar DPlus connection down

Both the club's 70cm Repeater as well as the Dstar Repeater down for maintenance

What's the story on the 70cm repeater?

[13 October 2016] Our Motorola GR-500 has been humming for many years and recently it started to cuase some spurious interferance. Craig, ZS6RH has taken the repeater to his QTH for further assessment of the issue. We expect the repeater to be recomissioned shortly.


What's the story on the Dstar Dplus connection?

[16 October 2016] The Dstar repeater is still up and running for local traffic so you can rag-chew away. Unfortunately we had to remove the PC that runs the Dplus software and connects the repeater to the Dplus network as the link between the PC and the repeater broke down. The suspected cause is a faulty network card. Hans ZS6HRK will investigate further and replace the network cards or the server as is needed. 


Comms with Dstar radio off your own HOT SPOT

Hi my name is Michael Spencer-Wilson ZS6MSW, some time ago I bought the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and battled to find a use for it. Over a period of time I was introduced to Dstar through some friends, and aquired the ICOM 7100 Ham Radio. Soon realising that this mode of Didgital voice was a great way of reaching and making new friends all over the world, I decided to put the Pi into action.smiley

There are several benifits to a hotspot, they give you freedom of movement and in the case where your local Dstar repeater may be under maintenance you can easily log in via the GSM network off your cell phone, or your home wifi until the local repeater is up and running again.


Henry ZS6MC takes the 2016 Chairman's Trophy

At the 2016 AGM our Chairman Johan, ZS6KY, was pleased to award the Chariman's Trophy to Henry, ZS6MC. This was upon special consideration that the award is normally intended for non-committee members but the exceptional contribution of Henry as treasurer including the battle with banks and other institutions to keep the club administratively on good course, maintenance of the repeaters, and support of club activities such as the patch box project made Johan decide that Henry was the rightful recipient of this award this year.

Congratulations Henry!


HF Field Day - 10 and 11 September 2016

Under the auspicien of Marius Snyman ZR6MS, the Sandton Amateur Radio club ran a field station at the Bergsig Trout farm on 10 and 11 September 2016 using the call sign ZS6STN. Mathew ZS6MDV AND Graham ZS6GL assisted in running the station.

We'd like to thank all the contacts for their participation. 

Cool Stuff from around the Web

Umbrella Antenna for 80M

I was looking at reasonably sized 80 meter antenna's and this looks like umbrella antenna looks like it would fit the bill.

Go and visit this page to find out more on how to build one.  

Ever wanted to Experiment with Amateur TV?

It always had my fascination. The British Amateur Television Club published a handbook on how to get started. It culminated in a a 20 page PDF Handbook about Amateur Television by G3YQC and G8CJS published by The British Amateur Television Club. I've placed it here on the website for download.

Icom announces IC7610

Icom announced the IC-7610 during the HamFair 2016 in Tokyo. A new SDR HF+50 MHz transceivers. The IC-7610 will be the successor the IC-7600 and comes one year after the introduction of first ICOM SDR Transceiver, the IC-7300. SDR is the space to watch.

Go-box project by Thomas OE2ATN

Here is a great go-box project by Thomas OE2ATN based on an Elecraft KX2. Really nice handywork. Love the Pelican case solution. Probably Thomas chose the KX2 as it puts out only 10W so heat problems are not to severe in the pelican case.