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Fox hunting seems to be a favorite past time of Ham radio operators of yesteryear which seems to have been forgotten about along the way.

Whats is fox hunting you may ask? We are not referring to hunting vermin of the furry kind, we are talking about hunting down radio transmitters commonly know as foxes.

For us new comers to the hobby direction finding and pinpointing of a radio transmitter is an art we are still learning the skills to master, and poses a formidable challenge.

The point of the hunt is to pinpoint a radio transmitter by using a radio and a directional antenna of some sorts to walk (or drive) around and find the location of the transmitter.

There are many tools and techniques to learn on how best to achieve this it is up to each hunter to pick his hardware and technique for the hunt.

Below some resources of info to help you with the hunt.

Instructions of how to build a tape measure yagi antenna: http://theleggios.net/wb2hol/projects/rdf/tape_bm.htm

Link to a document all about fox hunting. http://docshare01.docshare.tips/files/28465/284656602.pdf

3D Files to print support for a tape measure Yagi: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2766301