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Ham Satellite Frequencies on GitHub

These are a collection for radio frequencies used to contact or make contact via satellites for the Amateur radio hobby

The image currently support the following Satellites: SO50, AO85, AO91, AO92, A092, AO95, IO86, CAS3H, DIW2, PO101, ISS

Importing the CSV file into a radio

This method should be used when you want to import the entire contents (or some large portion) of the CSV file into the destination radio. Follow these steps:

Open a .img file of your radio, or download one from it using Radio > Download From Radio. Make sure that the tab at the top says something like “Baofeng UV-5R” or “Icom IC-880” to indicate that you’re operating on a radio-specific driver.

Go to File > Import from file and choose your CSV file.

An import dialog box will appear, which lets you preview the memories that can and will be imported. Make your selections or corrections, if necessary, and then click OK.

The memories stored in the CSV file should now be visible in your editor. make any modification needed for your radio here. The CSV file is generic and does not have all of the columns your radio may need.

If you have a clone-mode radio, upload the changes back to your device using Radio > Upload To Radio. If you are using a live-mode radio, wait until all of the changes finish synchronizing back to the device by watching the status bar in the lower right corner of the main window.