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In order to use Ham Radio Deluxe or other logging programs to control your rig, you will require a CAT interface. Some radios supported by Ham Radio Deluxe already have built-in RS232 interfaces (the FT-847 is an example). Please check your radio’s handbook for more information. Examples of CAT interfaces are Icom’s CT-17 and Yaesu’s FIF-232 and CT-62.

To use PSK31 Deluxe or other digital mode software you will need an audio interface. You can either make your own or purchase a solution. Examples of audio interfaces are the Tigertronics SignaLink and West Mountain Radio’s NoMic. As far as I aware, the only commercial interfaces offering both CAT and audio interfacing are West Mountain Radio’s RigBlaster Pro and G3VFP’s CatOpto models.

I am deeply grateful to the designers of the various interfaces mentioned here: without their practical expertise this document would not have been possible. Please note that the Ham Radio Deluxe Development Team have not personally tested all circuits shown here: we can accept no liability whatsoever for damage resulting from the use of any of these designs.

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