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How you started

I have always enjoyed electronics, and in particular, communication electronics.

At a young age, I dabbled with CB radio. In the late 1970’s, I was an apprentice aircraft radio technician at PLACO, the Piper Aircraft agents. Later, I also worked on military radios like the B25, at Fuchs Electronics.

This sparked my interest in Ham Radio. My hobbies were cycling, photography and later SCUBA diving, so it was only years later that I took the plunge to write the RAE.

Most Memorable Contact

There have been many memorable contacts, some of them on PSK31 when communicating on digital modes using a keyboard. I enjoy communicating with all Hams, in particular , worldwide contacts “meeting” Hams from different countries.

Best part of the Hobby

Communicating with people, camaraderie with other Hams and the technical aspects of building electronic projects, antennas etc.

Favorite Modes

Generally all modes

About Noel

Callsign:ZR6DX, formerly ZR6NPH

RAE Manager for the SARL.

Past Chairman of the Sandton Amateur Radio Club A position I held for nearly three years, due to COVID restrictions

Founder member of the Hammies Amateur Radio Club, together with Graham Busse ZS6GL in 2015.

As an amateur radio operator, I have worked over 250 different countries/entities, hold six DXCC certificates, as well as a WAS award, (Worked All States).

I also hold an All Africa Award, and have participated in various worldwide contest.