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Amendment of Legacy ICASA HAM License

All amateurs with the legacy license are required to register on the new ICASA online system, by the end of May 2021.  The SARL ICASA working committee is working with ICASA to get this date extended. However, do not wait for the last minute to register.   You are required to register even if your current legacy licence is due to expire in a few years’ time.

Follow this  simple step by step  procedure to register

  1. Register as a user at
  2. On the right hand side of the page click on register.
  3. Create a new account, i.e. email address and insert a  password, then confirm that password.
  4. As soon as you submit the registration you will receive an email with a link that you must click to verify the registration.
  5. Please look in your Junk folder if you do not receive the email.
  6. After completion you can log into the system.
  7. The first time that you start to use the system it will prompt you to create a legal entity by capturing all your personal details.
  8. Uploading a copy of your ID book in the link provided at the bottom of the registration page. Note: only PDF documents are accepted.
  9. After submission it will be subjected to approval by the Authority.
  10. After approval by the Authority, you will receive an email indicating that applications can be submitted.
  11. Click on the Manage button on the main page under Radio Frequency Spectrum.
  12. Click on the Amend Legacy Radio Frequency license Button.
  13. Capture your license number, excluding all the dashes, then  upload the  HAREC and HF certificate. If you do not have these certificates then upload a copy of your current or old license in place of the HAREC and HF certificate. If an old expired license then upload the proof of payment as well.
  14. The Authority will then complete the next step and return it to you for verification.
  15. Verify for correctness and submit.
  16. The Authority will then finalize the process and issue an electronic license that can also be downloaded on your Manage page.

Note: Once you have submitted your ID Book with all your details,  send an email with, “Amateur Radio and the application number“, in the subject line to  or