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Satellites by ZS6MDV

Listen to this Tech Talk - 26th August 2020

Welcome to “An introduction to working FM satellites with handheld antennas”. During this talk I am going to attempt to guide you through how to make your first QSO on one of the many FM satellites and more specifically on 3 of my favourite birds to work. I will give you a list of equipment and software to use and talk you through setting up your station and how to run a pass. The information below is a reference to go with the podcast which will be made from the tech talk on the ZS6STN repeater, Talking Tech.


Popular active AMSAT satellites to work

        Uplink frequency: 145.850MHz
        Downlink frequency : 436.795MHz
        Activation Tone: 74.4 to arm satellite 
        Use tone : 67.0 Hz

        Uplink frequency: 435.250MHz
        Downlink frequency : 145.960MHz
        Activation Tone:
        Use tone :67.0 Hz

        Uplink frequency: 435.350MHz
        Downlink frequency : 145.880
        Activation Tone:
        Use tone :67.0Hz

    Opened for use on 26th Jan 2018, it has two modes of operation U/v mode and Mode L/v

        Uplink frequency:
        Downlink frequency :
        Activation Tone:
        Use tone : 141.3 Hz






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