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Fox Hunt

Fox hunting seems to be a favorite past time of Ham radio operators of yesteryear which seems to have been forgotten about along the way.

Whats is fox hunting you may ask? We are not referring to hunting vermin of the furry kind, we are talking about hunting down radio transmitters commonly know as foxes.

For us new comers to the hobby direction finding and pinpointing of a radio transmitter is an art we are still learning the skills to master, and poses a formidable challenge.

Making a not so ugly air choke for the MFJ G5RV

Love them or hate them, the G5RV antenna has been around for some time. My first introduction to the concept was when I saw a ZS6BKW antenna, and I thought I need to replace my club made 40m dipole for this! I was excited about having one dipole with multiband options in my small yard, as most of us have in town. I did my homework and found out that the MFJ G5RV was the most easily accessible multi band dipole that I could find locally, that would suit my needs.