We are relocating to Durban in the next 14 days and I need to get rid of a lot of my home based stuff. The Th3 Thunderbird beam needs a little attention (Trap covers) one of the director pieces needs to be replaced.
Also I have a few other bits and pieces including a small tilt over tower. A Yeasu Ft 997 Base station with desktop Mike and DSP speaker. A Kewood TRC 80 transceiver.


Hi there Im looking for an LDG ATU YT-100 / Or simular ATU manual, tuner,  Must be the similar dimentions to the YT-100

Contact Mike ZS6MSW

083 337 6609 or zs6msw@gmail.com


ZAR 2 000

FlexControl Multi-function Tuning knob Features: 

  • Tuning know for all Flex radios
  • Full time SmartSDR/PowerSDR tuning 
  • Fully programmable multi-knob and push buttons 
  • Mode and Status indicators 
  • Direct SmartSDR, PowerSDR  and DDUtil software interface
  • Ergonomic design 
  • USB 1.1
ZAR 2 000

Great Ham Amateur Radio Transceiver TX 144-146 Mhz & RX 136-174 Mhz 65W output. Features:

ZAR 2 500